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#inspiredtobelong is a movement by the Midrealm Laurels to help people reconnect with the SCA and those that inspire them.  Here is a FB post I made about it.


Since I started seeing it, I read up on the #inspiredtobelong movement started by the Midrealm Laurels. Here is my story and I will call out a few people but please don’t think that I don’t value each and every one of you.

I have told it before but here it is again. About 5 years ago, Gertie and I were doing Ren Faire stuff and decided to make our own garb for that. We ran into a bit of trouble and wondered to ourselves, who knows how to do this stuff? The SCA people! We had been on the fringes of the SCA for a while and even stored the local shire’s stuff in our basement because we were personal friends but we didn’t do SCA at the time.

We went to one meeting to meet people and then . . . our house burned down. We were temporarily homeless and without stuff. Several people stepped up but most surprising to me was the SCA people. Our local group barely knew us (our personal friends had mostly moved out of the area to other SCA groups). The wider SCA group didn’t know us at all. Yet, these people brought us food, held fundraisers, and supported us. Our “garb” was in the wash so it was undamaged by the fire and water. This is where we call out BA Davis-HoweMary-Ann Roana IsenholtAnne McKinneyKari Little-McKinneyJen Johnson and Dena Strong . They were the core of who we first met at the time.

It took the better part of 8 to 9 months for the house to be rebuilt. We went to some events over that period of time. It was Nov 2013 I believe when RUM was in Cleveland OH and was a joint event with Aethelmearc. It is here that I learned about cordial making and met Verena Entenwirth for the first time.

As we got more and more involved, I came to know many more of you. I don’t recall when I met Jim Planting for the first time but we hit it off right away.

It was a Feast of Michaelmas that I think we knew we belonged for sure in the SCA. I had pre-registered for it. But we got sidestracked shopping in Bloomington IL that day and showed up really late. I remember Jana King Behm running troll and when we finally showed up, she gave us big hugs and said something to the effect of “we were so worried about you. We thought you may be had an accident of something.” I didn’t know Gillian well at this point yet that our names stuck in someone’s head meant that we were part of this group.

We then had our first Pennsic about 4 years ago. We stayed with House Foxrose and then asked to join. Dayle Ashley Harding and Garrick, CJ MillerJael Ben AriKevin Westburg Kathryn Nitz Westburg have been great inspirations and close confidants. Of course, Foxrose continues to grow and add wonderful people.

Since then, we have grown in the SCA and I count so many of you as close friends. I have even become an inspiration to some of you (not sure how THAT happened  ).

#Inspiredtobelong coming out of the Laurelate was probably supposed to be more about Art. Many of you not listed are amazing at what you do. Like many SCA’dians I want to do all the stuff but really can only afford some of it, both in terms of time, sanity, and money. Keep on keepin’ on. You are someone’s inspiration, even it is only mine.

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