Persona, SCA Life

Two pieces that say a lot about me.


The first is my arms with a motto.  The colors of my arms are no accident nor is the symbol.  The problem?  My subconscious picked them and it took a while for my conscious to figure that out.  I will give you a hint, “My cloak is blue as sky in summer. Or green as grass. Or white as lime.”  The feathered bird is no accident either.   The motto is a paraphrase of something I say often.  What I say is, “it isn’t Art until you bleed on it.”  The motto on the arms translates as “Blood makes Art.”  It is a little vampiric but the Latin of what I actually say is awkward and lengthy.

The other piece is my Dragon’s Heart medallion with something extra.  I don’t know who made the copper hearts.  I am going to guess Coresande but I really don’t know.  The center bit is a crude fused glass piece to represent my Evergreen.  The whole thing is to symbolize that the core of my service is my art.  I give away a lot of what I make.

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