Gertie – more than she who should be obeyed

Some of you know my wife, Gertie.  The last two events she was supposed to go with me but she had to miss.

She has missed other events as well.  She has a demanding job and it doesn’t always allow her to get away.  And sometimes, the weekend is just needed for her to decompress.  That is all fair.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I can only do what I do in the SCA because of her support.

So when she needed to go to the Emergency Room recently (some of you know why), I went willingly.  And when she had to miss events due to that reason, everyone understood even if they didn’t know.

As organized as I am, I am pretty bad about dates.  I live more in a past, present, future sense of time.  I live less in a “this happened x years ago.”  I am okay with approximate dates.  And some dates I memorize, like her birthday and the kids birthday.  Apparently, you have to know the birthday to get your medicine.

All of that is a round about way to get to this.  I am pretty sure our 15th anniversary is in a week.  We were supposed to go on a small trip this year.  She has been wanting to take me to New York for a while.  New York scares me. It is very big.  I like Chicago and I like London but something about the size and thought of driving in New York frightens me.

We were supposed to go on the City of New Orleans to New Orleans too.  We love New Orleans.  I tried to shanghai a few other friends into going.  Stay up all night on the train, play games, take in some Dixieland jazz.  Perhaps someday.  But this year has seen too much money go out the door to afford trips.  Surgery, college, fire, ER, all of that adds up.

Undoubtedly, we will staying home.  And that is wonderful.  I can’t think of a better thing to do then be at home with Gertie.  I will make her coffee in the morning.  I will chatter away about something.  She will half listen.  We can be in the same room for hours, either doing something together or separately and it is glorious.

Gertie is more than she who must be obeyed; she is she who shall be cherished.  Happy Anniversary 🙂


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