The Office – Oswyn edition

I was sitting in the back part of my office because I needed the space. I thought, why not show it you all?

It is after Thanksgiving so Christmas/Yule stuff is out. Not pictured is my North Pole mailbox outside my door. Most of the time, my door is plain. But as the holiday approaches, I do decorate it.

You can barely see the Lego guards that protect the measuring tapes and box knives. People can borrow them but they have to bring them back.

Then we move around to the corner of my work area. I don’t say desk because of desk is a pile of papers that denote a variety of projects I am working on.

Lots of stuff going on here. My spear, Staccata, is here and my letter from the Queen. Of course, the photo of Gertie. That corner has a bunch of knick knacks. A pillow with part of the Tapestry on it. A Horde Wyvern (I actually played Alliance) and stuff for tea.

A collage of photos of the boys when they were young. And my device with one of my mottos on it (Thanks Wilhelm). I put several of the cranes from Seto and Ynes’ coronation around the room too.

Now we come to the sea or as close as the middle of Illinois will allow. I have always loved orcas and I am probably like 8% Scot. But I like the flag. Not pictured is a fake tree in the corner with the Union Jack, Australian Flag, Canadian Flag, and New Zealand Flag. One of our international sales people left those in their office when they moved on. I took them 🙂

Oh yeah. There is the tree. But the important stuff is on the shelf. A book on the San Juan Islands and a book on Lighthouses. I told you, I like, and miss, the ocean.

Then we make it all the way around. Several SCA photos and more recent photos of the boys (and daughter in-law).

I understand that some people don’t bring as much into their offices. This is 20 years of stuff going in. If they fire me, it will take several people to help get all of the stuff out. So job security 🙂

I spend 40 to 50 hours here per week. I might as well be surrounded by things that help remind me why I do what I do.

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