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Planning for the future

This may come as a shock to you but I am a planner.

I plan for things that probably will never happen.  I have three separate plans for if I win the lottery depending on the amount of money I might win.  For example, when I started my stained glass class, I planned this:

My choir was learning Purcell’s Ode to St Cecilia.  The Music of the Spheres is a significant image from that piece.  I knew I wanted to make a piece based on it. I learned what I needed to do to make it.

So I plan things.  Here are some of the plans that I am working on or will be working on.


One big thing I wanted to do since I started vinegar is coming together but I still need to learn a bit more.

Plan the first: Have a tasting

This is inspired by Hrefna’s Icelandic feast she sometimes does at Pennsic. I want to do something similar with a cheese I made, drizzled with a vinegar I made, served with a cordial I made.

Make balsamic vinegar – check.  Need more though

Make cordials – check.  I have that one down.

Make cheese – need to learn that one yet

It is my hope to do a tasting for a small number of people at Pennsic 50.


Plan the second:  make medieval food cart.

When I saw the dragon bread oven that Bear and company made at Camp Dubois, I was like, “okay.  The concept of the food truck is actually pretty old.  We should be able to do this.”  I found these images.

I am not sure about transporting a bread oven around though I can see doing it.  No, I had a different idea.

Imagine a person drawn food cart.  Stained glass panels around the bed.  Silk banners flapping in the breeze.  On this cart is a trough full of ice with chilled rice noodles, chilled soba noodles, pickled vegetables, maybe some pretzels for fun, and chilled vinegar drinks.    It is a hot day on the battlefield at Pennsic.  There is a time out or something.  You wander back to the Midrealm tent on the field and this cart comes out.  I think it would be wondrous.

Avery has given me some advice but I don’t know how to do any woodworking.  So got to learn that.  I have a lot of cardboard to make mock ups with though.  It is going to take a while I fear.


Plan the third:  Clothes

To date Gertie has made all of our clothes.  But I need more and I had really good conversations this past weekend.  Time to learn to sew.

This is my inspiration.

These are parts of the Coronation outfit for Roger II, Rogerius Rex, King of Sicily.   I rag on Normans alot but Roger’s family thought differently than the typical Norman.  Norman Sicily is a fascinating place.  My third persona hangs out here.   I thought it would be really neat to try to make a heraldic outfit for me based on this.  I would need to learn to sew.

The kind people on the Library of Alexandria FB group led me here.

All the detail I was looking for.

I would do something like this.

I would do it in linen instead of silk velvet.  There is disagreement on whether the original is blue or purple.  I am looking at the Royal Blue and Juniper linen from

For the mantle, I am thinking something like this.

I would need to learn to embroider or perhaps applique.  Like the original, this would be outlined in pearls.

Here is some of the detail in the original.

I know how to tablet weave so I will have to think about what I want to do with that.  Probably silk since it will sit near my neck but cotton will be suitably soft.

On the reproduction discussed, they cut brass plates and painted them instead of cloisonne and enamel.

I would like to do some thing different.  Fused glass sewn in the cuffs.  Not sure how to do that yet.


Things to learn and work on.

  • Learn to make a hard cheese.
  • Learn to do enough woodworking to make a cart
    • make cardboard mock up
    • talk to woodworkers on engineering this for my needs (size, breakdown, transport)
  • Learn to sew
    • basic sewing
    • applique or embroider
    • how to do those cuff plate.

I have a lot to keep me busy for a while.  I will probably bothering some of you to teach me what I don’t know.




Clothes, Gertie

Educating the coworkers

One of the things my work did do was make space available for people to display their art.  I did a few such displays.  My coworkers are very aware of my hobby.  I bring it up often.  Here are part of the display that you might find interesting.


I also maintain the bulletin board near my office.  For the summer, I put up “how I spent my summer vacation” for anyone in my department to add photos too.  Last summer, I did this collage.


I want to focus on something here.


My wife makes almost all of our garb.  That dress hanging up was inspired by that old Dutch painting.  (Abelard I think).

Here are more photos of her work.  Gertie does good work 🙂  She also has a companion.  Matilda the gertruden ratzen.