Class Notes

Attached as PDF media are all the current class notes for SCA classes I have taught.  Any in development or ones that I have finished but haven’t actually taught yet are NOT here but will be added shortly after I teach that class.

Missing is the very first class I ever taught which is poorly written, probably factually wrong, and just bad.  One day I will do that class right.


Vinegar 101 – Anti Brewing Vinegar

Vinegar 201 Vinegar and Mustard


Sweetening the Spirit 101

Sweetening 102 – Straw and Rum

Sweetening 202 – Straw and sugar

Sweetening 301 on herbs and fruit was basically the 101 notes but more drinking.  No new information per se.

Anglo-Saxon history

The Riddle Game – need both of the bulleted links

Bayeux Tapestry Panel by Panel – need both of the bulleted links

Taking the Waters   – History of Bath UK and its use in my Persona play

The Legacy of Alfred the Great

Aethelflaed Lady of the Mercians

Harold Godwinson

Doom! Anglo Saxon Laws

Around 1000 – A look at Aelfric’s Collaquay and beyond 

A Traveler’s Guide to Old English


Norman Sicily History

Frederick Stupor Mundi

A Tale of Two Conquests


Miscellaneous Classes

The Whey of the Curds

Developing Leadership in the SCA

Psychographics in the SCA

Enough Ale to Fill Up the Sea – A look at Drinking in England