Clothes, Gertie

Educating the coworkers

One of the things my work did do was make space available for people to display their art.  I did a few such displays.  My coworkers are very aware of my hobby.  I bring it up often.  Here are part of the display that you might find interesting.


I also maintain the bulletin board near my office.  For the summer, I put up “how I spent my summer vacation” for anyone in my department to add photos too.  Last summer, I did this collage.


I want to focus on something here.


My wife makes almost all of our garb.  That dress hanging up was inspired by that old Dutch painting.  (Abelard I think).

Here are more photos of her work.  Gertie does good work 🙂  She also has a companion.  Matilda the gertruden ratzen.